A Day trip to Nagarjuna Sagar from Hyderabad, India

Exploring places close to home can be just as much fun as discovering places far away.  Nagarjuna Sagar near Hyderabad is a good destination to visit after the rainy season.  You have an opportunity to see a dam, an almost full reservoir and beautiful waterfalls close by.

We started early in the morning towards Nagarjuna Sagar from Hyderabad.  Since we were not sure about the location, we packed snacks and a lunch… which was a very smart.  We stopped by the dam view point and took some pictures.  If you are lucky, you may get an opportunity to see the dam when the gates are open.

We then drove further up to the area where you can catch a ferry to Nagarjunakonda.  While waiting for the ferry, we had our lunch.  It was a good thing we brought packed lunch… there was hardly anything available.

Nagarjunakonda is an interesting island.  There is a museum on the island which houses some cool Buddhist artefacts.  Unfortunately, the rules do not allow you photograph any of the treasures (at least at the time when we visited).  We spent some time exploring the island and then took the ferry back to the mainland.

Once back, we decided to visit Ethipothala Falls located close by.  There was plenty of water and it was a beautiful site, especially around sunset.  There is also a temple near the falls.  Beware:  there are plenty of monkeys hanging around!

After enjoying the waterfalls, we headed back towards Hyderabad and stopped for dinner on the way.  Reached home safely and called it a night!


.  The dam itself is a spectacular sight.  However, don’t expect the gates to be open… just enjoy the engineering marvel that it is.

.  Food choices are very minimal.  Pack your lunch and snacks… you will enjoy the visit a lot more.

.  Don’t expect to take too many pictures — many of the areas have restrictions.

.  Ethipothala Falls is a detour, but do take it.  It is a nice drive and the waterfalls are pretty.

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