Dubai – First steps to discovering its beauty

Pretty malls, amazing shopping options, beautiful buildings, the middle east charm.  We always heard how wonderful Dubai is and so we had to visit and experience it ourselves.  During our short trip, we stayed close to Safa Park, so transportation was not an issue. Here is what we were able to see and enjoy.

Day 1: We reached Dubai around lunch time.  After lunch, we rested for a bit (the night before involved rather long travel).  In the evening, we headed to Gold Souk.  It is an incredible sight when you first see it.  Glittering gold in the beautiful market lights make it a magical setting.  Afterwards, we headed to downtown Dubai and grabbed dinner.

Day 2: After breakfast we headed to Ibn Battuta Mall.  We had an opportunity to take the local Metro.  It was very easy to travel around.  Afterward, we headed to Burj Khalifa.  We spent some time exploring the area and then headed up to the observation deck to enjoy views of Dubai at night.  My younger one managed to pick up a special edition Lego set there. 

We then enjoyed the musical fountain show before heading home.

Day 3: Continued to explore Dubai.  We went by the palace and then to the Mall of the Emirates.  Later we drove by The Palm and then stopped over at Burj Al Arab and enjoyed the water and the beach.  Later in the evening we went to the Dubai Museum and explored the markets in the area.

Day 4: This was going to be our last day in Dubai.  We did not opt for the Desert safari & dinner during this trip for personal reasons (kids get motion sickness), so instead, we drove towards Al Ain to get a glimpse of the Arabian Desert and the kids had a chance to feel and play in the sand at a stop over.  We also had a chance to see groups of camels walk across the sand.

Ultimately, the trip was about getting to know Dubai and we really accomplished our goal.  Once the kids are older, we will definitely plan a  longer trip that will allow us to spend time in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain as well.

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