Bidar – Fun run, history lessons, spiritual pilgrimage, shopping delights… all in a day!

On a fine Sunday, we decided to visit Bidar, which is located close to Hyderabad, India – as a day trip the following Sunday : ).  Once we decided, we signed up for the “Go Heritage Run – Bidar” to give us that extra motivation to actually make it there (it is so easy to sleep in on a Sunday after all).

We started early in the morning (around 4:30am) from Hyderabad.  We reached Bidar around 7:15am and headed straight to Bidar Fort where the run started and ended.  We ran and walked around the historic part of town enjoying the sights of the old buildings.  After the run, we ate breakfast and explored the fort.

After exploring the fort, we headed to a nearby “Bidri” workshop where we had an opportunity to watch artisans work on beautiful Bidri items.  We managed to purchase some beautiful items and it felt awesome getting them straight from the source.

Next, we met the rest of the running group and headed to explore the “Karez aqua ducts”.  These are a system of underground medieval era rain water harvesting structures.  It was amazing to see how water conservation played such an important role in the area many years ago.  The kids really enjoyed learning about how the system was so successful in ensuring residents had access to adequate water during the dry months.

Once the tour was done, it was time to eat.  As a group, we decided to head to the Gurudwara Nanak Jhira Sahib.  It is a very famous Gurudwara where it is believed Sri Guru Nanak ji himself visited.  It is an important religious site and we felt honoured to be given an opportunity to visit the shrine and partake in the langar.  What an incredible experience!

After spending some time at the Gurudwara, we drove by the Bahmani tombs and Chaukhandi of Hazrat Khalil Ullah.  Here we saw a different side of Bidar…. families enjoying a Sunday outing near the ruins. 

Around 4pm, we realised we had visited all of the places we wanted to check out in Bidar.  Pleased with our accomplishments (and souvenirs) we headed home and reached Hyderabad by dinner time.


> If you can, participate in the “Go Heritage Run” that happens in Bidar once a year.  Running or walking in close to empty streets is a completely different experience.  And because it is not a timed race, you can stop to smell the roses, and of course, take plenty of pictures along the way.

> Check out the Karez system if you can.  It is truly one of a kind water conservation system.

> Gurudwara – So fortunate that everyone is welcome to experience its wonder.  Make sure you are dressed appropriately and carry a head covering (men, women and children).  We should have been better prepared… thankfully, the volunteers at the Gurudwara helped us out.  Having langar at the Gurudwara is an experience my family will cherish always.

> Bidri art – enough said!  Beautiful items are available straight from the artisans.  Among the things we purchased, I picked up a box that I use to store some of my small treasures.

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