Visiting Philadelphia, USA in a Day

If you are visiting the NE corridor in the United States, then, you must stop over in Philadelphia and soak in some amazing American History.  It is a very easy day trip from Washington D.C. and the suburbs or New York and the suburbs.  If you are a movie buff, you will enjoy identifying all those places you see in the movies “National Treasure” and “Rocky”.

Whenever we visit Philadelphia, we usually start right after breakfast so that we can reach our destination well before lunch time.  Once we reach Philadelphia, we are able to find paid parking relatively close to Independence Hall.  Our last visit coincided with a lot of school group visits, so, our wait time at the different sites was a lot longer than expected. 

Our first stop was the Liberty Bell.  Here we had a chance to see the Bell and the famous crack.  The line was relatively long and we had to wait for about an hour before we reached the bell.  But, the hall has been designed well and you have an opportunity to see some cool photographs on the way to the bell.

Next we headed to Independence Hall.  This is the building where both the United States Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution were debated and adopted.  It is also an UNESCO World Heritage site.  There was a little bit of confusion on whether or not we needed tickets to go inside (especially if the crowds are too big), but, luckily, they let us in.  We had an amazing tour of the building.

After lunch, we headed to the open space near the Liberty Bell.  We then spent some time enjoying ourselves in the park near the Liberty Bell.

Since we still had some time to spare, our next stop ended up being the National Constitution Center.  It is a very interesting museum dedicated to the US Constitution.  Even though you have to pay an admission fees, it is well worth it.  You should definitely check it out.

If you still have time, or are planning a longer stay, please do check out the Philadelphia Museum of Art  (remember the movie “Rocky” anyone?)and other amazing gems Philadelphia has to offer.

Our trips always focused on History and since we never really stayed overnight, I admit we haven’t explored all that Philadelphia has to offer.

Philadelphia – Just do it!

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