Exploring Japan One Day at a Time – Osaka

When I was a kid, I had read a very famous Japanese folktale about two frogs – one from Kyoto and one from Osaka….  Ever since, I had been dreaming about visiting Japan and Osaka.  The city did not disappoint!  As our Japan trip was jam-packed, we could only spare a few hours for Osaka sightseeing … our final day in Japan.  This is what we were able to accomplish.

Note:  Most of the morning was spent getting back to Osaka.  As a result, we did not get a chance to see any shrines in the area.

Stop 1:  Osaka Castle Park

Walking up to the Castle is a very pleasant experience.  There is a nice walkway lined with beautiful trees… perfect for a picnic along the way.  As you get closer to the castle, you have an opportunity to see a small Shrine as well.  There is a slight slope up, so please wear comfortable shoes.  The views of the castle outer walls and outposts are very cool.

Stop 2:  Osaka Castle

The castle is absolutely stunning.  The area in front of the castle gives you an opportunity to click some really nice pictures.  If you have time to spare, you can pay an entry fee and go inside the castle to see some really nice views from the top.

Plan to spend between 2 1/2 to 3 hours exploring the park and castle.

Stop 3:  Shinsaibashi Area

A huge shopping area with lots of stores.  If this is your final stop in Japan, then you get an opportunity to pick up all those last minute gifts, including those that are uniquely Japanese (keep track of your luggage weight though :)).  There are a lot of eating options as well, so you can truly spend a couple of hours without getting bored.

We spent time here until late evening before we called it a day and headed towards the airport area and then back home.

Thank you Osaka… a childhood dream … unwittingly you became a milestone 50th blog post!


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