Short Walks in the Himalayas – Kasauli, India

In my post:,  I outlined the itinerary we followed when we explored Himachal following the Beas river.   Part of soaking in the energies of the space is to walk around the area without expectations.  Luckily, during this short trip, we did manage to go on several walks – about 1 to 2 hours long each.

Our first stop was Kasauli.  We reached there around 2 pm and after lunch chilled out for a bit before heading out to explore the town.   Kasauli is a hilly town with a mix of gentle and steep inclines.   If you are able, you should definitely consider spending time in the areas mentioned below to get an introduction to the Himalayas and the possibilities it holds.

Three short walks near Kasauli

(1)  Manki Point – Hanuman Temple (1 1/2 hours approximately – late afternoon best)

This a small but beautiful temple dedicated to the Hindu Legend – Lord Hanuman.  Legend says that Lord Hanuman stepped on this mountain before he made the final leap when carrying the Sanjeevini mountain as mentioned in the Indian Epic Ramayana.

The hill on which the temple is located is inside a controlled area, so permission is required and you cannot take your camera with you.  The main climb consists of climbing up stairs … so if you are not comfortable, skip visiting the temple.   Also, you will encounter a LOT of monkeys along the way, but, they will leave you alone if you leave them alone.

Once you complete the climb, you will be treated to beautiful views – plains on one side and layers of the Himalayas on the other.  On a clear day, truly worth the effort.

(2)  Kasauli Market Area (1 to 1 1/2 hours – evening)

More of an urban setting, but nonetheless, a nice place to walk around and check out some local stores leisurely.  The road has both gentle and steep inclines in different sections.  The only concern is carrying food openly… the monkeys will grab the food from you (especially chocolates!).  So again, monkey menace does exist, but, the area makes for a nice walk… especially in the evenings.

(3) Short trails around hotels (1 to 2 hours – early morning)

These are more like “service roads” that you can walk up.  These trails are used mainly by the folks that work in the hotels (kinda like shortcuts through town).  Fairly steep in some areas, but, again, due to relatively low altitudes, you will not encounter any breathing issues if you are fit enough for incline walking.  The tall trees lining the trails will truly bring you life.  So, if you have the time to spare, do consider going for a walk in these trails…. you will enjoy it thoroughly!


Kasauli is definitely an interesting town.  Close to the plains, but with noticeable elevation, it gives you first glimpse of the beauty that lies beyond.  Looking at the layout of the town, it is easy to just chill and observe the surroundings.  Instead, I would recommend taking these short “time-outs” to soak in a different atmosphere of the town.


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