A Short Trip to Bojjanakonda and Lingalakonda from Vishakapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, India

About an hour away from Vishakapatnam is the little hamlet of Bojjanakonda.  Here you will find the maha stupa, series of smaller stupas, interesting stone carvings and gorgeous buddhist rock cut caves.

Bojjanakonda is close to Anakapalle and the roads leading to it are quite decent.  The site is very well maintained and not very busy.  The site is very popular with young folks who seem to enjoy taking pictures in the nice gardens and peaceful surroundings (beautiful fields surround the area).

Wear comfortable shoes and be prepared to climb up stairs… about 150 to 200  in all (split among the sites).   Carry water with you as well to ensure you are well hydrated.  You can also enjoy a nice picnic in the gardens if you are prepared (you won’t find food vendors there, so, better to take a packed picnic lunch).

All in all, you can easily spend about 2 to 2 1/2 hours exploring the sites before heading back to Vishakapatnam.

Bottomline:  Many times you encounter amazing rock cut caves (examples:  Badami, Elephanta, Ajanta and Ellora).  But, very rarely do you come across buddhist rock cut caves that you can see from a distance (think – Bamiyan Buddhas from the past).  For us, it was amazing to see the Bojjanakonda Buddhist rock cut caves from a distance… felt very unreal.  We were so happy that it has been developed as a nice tourist site with all of the basic amenities to ensure people visiting have a good time.  I would definitely recommend folks to visit these caves!

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