A short visit to Ambaji Temple in Gujarat (border of Gujarat and Rajasthan)

When elders are travelling with you, there are a lot of new things you end up learning about.  We found out about the Ambaji Temple in Gujarat through them.  They were watching a travel show and learnt about this beautiful temple.  So, when we got an opportunity to visit, we jumped at it.

The Ambaji Temple is very popular among folks following the Hindu religion who wish to visit the 51 Shakti Peeths.  According to legend, it is believed that the heart of the goddess resides here.

We reached the temple around 3pm.  They have very strict opening and closing times, so please call ahead and plan accordingly.  On that particular day, the temple was going to be open until 4pm before closing for a couple of hours.  No cameras, phones or large purses are allowed inside.  There are lockers available to store your stuff.

Once inside the temple premises, you do have to walk a bit to reach the main temple.  However, it is not a difficult walk. 

The main temple building is spectacular.  They have decorated the main exteriors parts in gold and it gives it a very special glow.  The interior is well laid out and the queue system is very orderly.

The visit process itself was very simple.  At the time we went, there wasn’t too much rush, so were able to sit in the hall for a few minutes before heading back out. 

Once we came out of the main temple, we walked by the stalls lining the complex.  We were able to pick up some small knick-knacks before heading out and onwards to our next destination.


Call ahead and find out the temple timings for the day and plan accordingly.  Do not trust any website as timings may vary depending on special events.

Be prepared to lock up phones, cameras and large bags.  Wallets are permitted inside the premises.

Total time spent in the temple:  2 hours in our case.


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