Exploring Ananthagiri Hills near Tyada, Andhra Pradesh, India

Okay.  Here is the truth.  This is one of those posts where I admit upfront – Dang, I wish I knew about this place earlier! 

As we traveled from Borra Caves back to Vishakapatnam, we came across this gem of a place.  Nestled in the midst of the Anathagiri Hills, Tyada is a beautiful place worth visiting and staying in.  The views are spectacular and the resorts in the area have plenty of activities available to explore the area thoroughly.  It really is too bad we did not schedule a night halt in the area.

Tyada is about one hour away from Araku (towards Vishakapatnam).  So, if your intention is to explore the Araku valley and the areas west of Araku, then it does not make sense to stay in Tyada… Finding a place closer to Araku would be much better.  However, if your goal is to just chill in the mountains, hike near a waterfall, explore Borra caves, or looking for a weekend get away from Vizag, then, Tyada is the place to be. 

When you use Tyada as a home base, it is very easy to explore Galikonda view point.  Katika Waterfalls are also close by… you can actually spend the 2 to 3 hours required for a proper hike. 

Of course, Borra caves are also very close and you can take your time exploring them thoroughly (and don’t forget the famous Bamboo Chicken!). According to the locals, there are many beautiful trails available for exploration… all you need to do is ask the local folks.   All in all, Tyada appears to be the perfect place to soak in the energies of the Anathagiri Hills.


If you do not have the time to go all the way up to Araku Valley, then, this is a nice alternative  weekend get away spot where you can chill and relax in the midst of beautiful surroundings.


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