Short Walks in the Himalayas – Exploring Jogini Falls in Manali, Himachal Pradesh

One of the popular hiking trails in Manali, Himachal Pradesh is the hike up to Jogini Falls.  The most popular way to walk on this trail is to start from Vashisht Temple and then walk back to the same area. 

While that is a beautiful way to experience the trail (as you will be walking through the forest and villages the whole way and back), thanks to our host at Green Mountain Lodge in Manali, we discovered another way to reach Jogini Falls.  You can follow the suggestion below if you are travelling via taxi because the drop off and pick up points are different.

If you are travelling via taxi, ask your driver to drop you off at the link road next to the SASE Complex in Manali.  It is a very famous government centre and most locals know about it.  The path is a small motorable road meant for the people living in that area but your taxi driver will most likely not enter.  However, the advantage for walkers is that it is a nicely paved road.  As you walk up the road, you will enjoy the views of the water flow from Jogini Falls throughout the hike.  You will not experience this if you walk from and back to Vashisht.  Along the way there are some small temples to visit. 

Once you reach the main Jogini temple, you can rest while enjoying the view of the lower waterfalls.  If you have the proper trekking shoes, you can walk further up to the base of the Jogini Falls and watch the falls descend from high above. 

After spending some time enjoying the waterfalls, we started to walk back, this time towards Vashisht temple.  This worked out really well.  We walked through the beautiful forest and enjoyed sweeping views of Manali and River Beas along the way.  We reached Vashisht temple in good time to have a wonderful visit. 

Once we reached Vashisht temple, we visited the main temple, the Shiva Temple and Ram Temple close by.  Vashisht is also known for the hot springs baths (separate for men and women).  However, we did not feel comfortable trying them.  So, after spending some time in the market in the temple area, we headed to the parking area and found our ride to our next stop.

Thank you Mr. Tenzin at Green Mountain Lodge for showing us the best way to experience the beauty of Jogini Falls in Manali.

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