A Day at the beach during an Indian Summer – Cape Henlopen State Park, Delaware, USA

If you live in the Washington D.C., Maryland or Delaware area, a fall or spring weekend with Indian Summer weather is an opportunity not be missed. Making it a day at the beach?  Even better!

Rehoboth is about 3 hours from Washington D.C. and is a perfect day get-a-away.  We generally start early in the morning right after breakfast (say by 9am) so that we can reach the area by lunch time.  After lunch we head out to Cape Henlopen State Park for an amazing afternoon by the beach. 

After spending the afternoon at the park, we head towards home in the evening, often stopping at the outlet malls along the way to do some shopping. 


The only thing to watch for is the water temperature.  It can be on the cooler side in Fall and Spring, so please check the water temperature properly before rushing into the water.


Why Cape Henlopen? – Honestly, we enjoy the state park because of the trails and amenities.  It also tends to be less crowded.  There are other public beaches close by worth exploring as well.

Why not go during the summer?  Ha Ha… of course you can go there during the summer as well.  The perfect beach weather brings in a lot of tourists and the beachy vibe in the area is unmistakable!

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