Stopping By or Stopping Over – Niagara Falls is a must see place!

Okay, here is a shameful admission – flights to Toronto from the US are expensive, while flights to Buffalo, NY are cheap…. and the drive from Buffalo to Toronto is about 3 hours.  So, if you have time to spare and were planning to rent a car anyways, then Buffalo and Niagara Falls can be the perfect stop over on your way to Canada.

Niagara Falls is beautiful on both sides of the border.  Of course, to see and photograph both falls, you need to cross over to the Canadian side.  Here are some of the things you can do on your trip to Niagara Falls:

Maid of the Mist Tour – In season, this is an absolute must!  It is really cool to see the falls really close and the experience is awesome!

White Water Walk – On the Canadian side, there is a nice walking trail where you can see the power of the river up close and personal. 

Walking behind the falls (Journey behind the falls) – This is another cool activity that takes you behind the Horseshoe falls.  Once again, you get an opportunity to see the power of the water flowing in Horseshoe falls.

Skylon Tower – The observation deck gives you an opportunity to enjoy the falls from a higher vantage view which is really nice!

Niagara Parks Botanical Garden – This is a nice garden to visit if you have some time to spare.

Niagara Falls at night – Don’t miss it if you can.  The falls take on a completely different persona at night and are absolutely beautiful when the lights are turned on.

Technically, you can do all of the above sightseeing in a day and reach Toronto by late night if you reach Buffalo early enough in the day…. of course, if you stay the night, you get an opportunity to enjoy other activities as well!


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